Worrying PEP Mock Exam Results


A mere 4-percent of students who sat the Primary Exit Profile, PEP mock exams for the Mathematics Performance Task, passed!

That’s only about 1500 students out of the 37,500 who sat it. There were also extremely low numbers in the other three subjects – Language Arts, Science and Social Studies.

Nationwide News has obtained a detailed breakdown of the results. The initial results announced by the Ministry of Education had combined those students who met with those who nearly met the standard. The PEP Mock exam was done in June.

During a press conference to announce the results in October, Education Minister Ruel Reid told the media and stakeholders that 48-percent of students had met or nearly met the standard for Mathematics.

[audio_mp3 url=”http://nationwideradiojm.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/Ruel-Reid-gives-mock-exam-results-October-3-2018.mp3″]

Social Studies with combined results for those who met and nearly met would have been 51-percent.

However these numbers would not have accurately reflected the number of students who actually passed the mock exam.

In a breakdown of students performance-

– Only 4-percent of the students who sat the Mathematics exam met the standard

– Only 5-percent passed Science

– In Social Studies, only 12 percent of students passed

– And only 17-percent met the standard for Language Arts.

Meanwhile, Senior Technical Coordinator in the Ministry of Education, Marlon Morgan says the Minister was not being disingenuous by announcing the combined results in October.

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Following the results of the mock exam, the Ministry also announced moving the Performance Task component of PEP to March next year. This component was initially scheduled for next month.