Youth Need Collective Coordination, says Tomlinson

Newly appointed President of The People’s National Party Youth Organization, PNPYO, Krystal Tomlinson, says Jamaica’s youth need greater collective coordination to better represent their role in nation building.

Miss Tomlinson was speaking yesterday at the first press conference being held by the new PNPYO executive she now leads. She’s vowing to bring the nation’s youth back to the political bargaining table through greater engagement.

Ms. Tomlinson, says it’s time to eradicate the stigma attached to political involvement in Jamaica to get more young people involved in the democratic process.

Ms. Tomlinson, who’s Managing Director of the Centre for Self-Management, was elected President of the PNP’s youth arm last week.

She says like many of the country’s youth, she distanced herself from political engagement for some years to avoid derailing her career.


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