Zero-Net-Energy Buildings by 2050


Energy Minister Dr. Andrew Wheatley says the Government is aiming to have all buildings by the year 2050 using Zero-Net-Energy.

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This means all new buildings by 2050 under the Zero-Net-Energy Building or ZEB model should produce enough renewable energy to meet its own consumption requirements thereby reducing reliance on of oil powered energy.

Minister Wheatley was speaking today at the ground breaking ceremony for the first ZEB in the Caribbean at the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus.

This building is one of the many initiatives geared towards reducing the country’s energy consumption.

While this and other new buildings are proposed to be constructed using the ZEB model, Emeritus Professor of Chemistry at the UWI Professor Tara Dasgupta says the retrofitting of old buildings is also possible.

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The construction of UWI’s ZEB is scheduled to finish at the end of this year and certified as a Net-Zero-Energy-Consuming Building by the end of next year.