Photo by: Al Jazeera

At least 10 people have been left dead and wounded following a shooting at a Walmart in the US state of Virginia.

According to a spokesperson with the local police, the police responded to reports of a shooting at 10pm and arrived to find multiple fatalities.

The shooting is thought to have stopped when police arrived.

It was unclear how many people had died, however the local police have stated that “no more” than 10 people were killed.

The shooting was condemned by Virginia state senator, Louise Lucas who expressed shock at the act of violence which took place in her district.

The Virginia shooting comes three days after a person opened fire at a gay nightclub in Colorado, killing five people and wounding 17.

That shooter was arrested after patrons at the club tackled and subdued them.

The shootings come in a year when the US was shaken by the deaths of 21 in a school shooting in Uvalde, Texas.