The government is to provide a further 100 million dollars to farmers who were affected by the heavy rains in May.

The Ministry of Agriculture had reported that the sector suffered approximately 800 million dollars in losses as a result of the rains.

The Minister without Portfolio in the Agriculture Ministry, J.C. Hutchinson told our newscentre that of that amount 18 million dollars had already been identified.

Speaking on Wednesday at the launch of the Denbigh Agricultural Show in St. Catherine, Agriculture Minister Karl Samuda, says farmers are to receive further financial help.



Minister Samuda is insisting that the agriculture sector will rebound. The Planning Institute of Jamaica reported last week that there was a three percent decline in the sector for the first

quarter of 2017. This was mainly due to adverse weather conditions. Minister Samuda says the sector will grow again.



He says at the end of 2016, the agriculture sector contributed to 7 and a half percent of the country’s Gross Domestic Product.