The Ministry of Education says its eliminating the dual shift system from 16 schools during the course of the new school year.

Education Minister Ronald Thwaites will be announcing the plans in his back-to-school broadcast to be aired on Sunday August 31.

Minister Thwaites says the Ministry has identified three ways of doing away with the shift system.

Twelve primary and junior high schools are scheduled to come off dual shift including Hayes, Cross, Spring Gardens, Four Paths, White Marl, Troja, New Providence, Stony Hill, Flankers, New Green, Hatfield and New Forest.

They are joined by Vauxhall High, Islington High, Paul Bogle High and Eltham High.

Following the removal of the dual shift from these institutions, the school day will begin at 7:30 a.m. and end at 2:30 p.m.

Minister Thwaites says the Ministry is confident the new hours will be effective.

Education Minister Ronald Thwaites speaking with Nationwide News.

In the last academic year seven schools were removed from the shift system, while this year the projected number is 20.

The Education Minister has indicated that more schools will be removed incrementally off the shift system each year.