Four suspects are still at large in the triple murder of a father and his sons in Clarendon last month.

One suspect, a 16-year-old boy, has so far been charged for their murders.

The boy was charged yesterday.

Head of the Area Three Police, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Clifford Chambers spoke with Nationwide News.

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Area 3 comprises of St. Elizabeth, Mandeville and Clarendon.

ACP Chambers says the boy has been interviewed once in the presence of his attorney. He’ll be appearing in court next week. The boy’s name is being withheld because he’s a minor.

The father, Clifton Scott and his two sons Clifton Junior and Orville were shot and killed in Ebony Park. Their home was reportedly invaded by gunmen.

The gunmen robbed other patrons at a shop then proceeded to their home. The 3 men were reportedly robbed and then shot.