The 17-year-old boy who is now wanted in relation to the shooting death of his 17-year-old baby mother, Devanese Nelson, in Denham Town on Sunday night is still on the run.

The accused teenager, who the police initially identified as Eric Murdock, is Alejandro Joacquin.

The Police say there’s been no change in his status.

A second Person of Interest, Shaquille Stanberry otherwise called ‘Shawn’ or ‘Country’ from Bottom Pen, Glendevon in St. James has also not turned himself in.

Meanwhile, the Police say Joacquin’s uncle, Tevin Cross is still in Police custody.

The Police say Cross is still being questioned.

Reports are, sometime around 11 Sunday night the police responded to calls about an explosion in Kings Heights, Denham Town.

Upon their arrival Ms Nelson was found at the scene with what appeared to be a gun shot wound to the head.

The Police say no weapon was retrieved from the scene.