The Opposition is calling for an urgent and independent audit of the Government’s multi-million dollar Tablets in Schools programme.

Opposition Spokespersons, Senator Kamina Johnson Smith and Dr. Andrew Wheatley, have written Auditor General, Pamela Munroe Ellis requesting the audit.

They’re asking her to urgently intervene on behalf of the people of Jamaica.

Senator Johnson Smith says the Opposition is requesting action in the context of the Auditor General’s stated mission to conduct independent audits and make reports to improve the use of public resources.

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Senator Johnson Smith says there are a number of concerns regarding the tablets for schools project.

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She and Dr. Wheatley say they believe in the benefits technology can bring to students, teachers and ultimately the nation.

However, they argue that Jamaica can ill afford to spend billions of dollars on a project that may be poorly conceived and does not deliver value for money.

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