CEO of the Economic Growth Council, EGC, Senator Aubyn Hill, says the 2% growth the Jamaican economy recently recorded is significant but not good enough.

However, Senator Hill says the recent economic growth figure is unmatched when the past 20 years are assessed.

Senator Hill says the EGC is unapologetic about setting the 5 in 4 growth target.

He says the Council is intensifying its work to reduce impediments to significant growth in the Jamaican economy.

He was addressing a Private Sector Consultation seminar at the UWI Mona Campus today.

In the meantime, Senator Hill is urging business people and potential entrepreneurs to invest in Jamaica now and avoid being regretful in a few years time.

Senator Hill is also urging the universities in Jamaica and potential students to place their focus on areas which are in high demand.

Aubyn Hill, Government Senator and CEO of the Economic Growth Council, EGC.