Wayne Walker reports.

The volume of rainfall Jamaica has received so far this year has already doubled the amount it got all of last year.

And, the Met Office is predicting more rainfall leading up to January 2021.

In 2019, Jamaica received an average monthly rainfall of 192 milimeters.

The wettest months were September, October and May.

But so far this year, the Met Office says the island has received an average monthly rainfall of 403 milimeters.

October, August and September have been the wettest months so far this year.

Jamaica received 363-milimeters of rainfall in October 2020 alone.

That’s 171 milimeters more than the amount received in October 2019.

The 30-year normal or the average monthly rainfall expected for October is 235 milimeters.

Head of the Applied Metrology Section at the Met Services’ Climate Branch, Ronald Moody, says the two Tropical cyclones in the region last month impacted the weather conditions across Jamaica.

The Met Service says this year’s May rains were only 40-per cent of the 30-year normal for that month.

We experienced 82-milimeters of rainfall this May, and 159-milimeters in May 2019.

The 30-year average rainfall for May is 201-milimeters.

In fact, May was the third driest month this year, preceded by April with 39 milimeters of rainfall, and Janaury with 70.

Mr Moody says the country should also expect more rainfall for the rest of the year and into January.

The 30-year average monthly rainfall for November, December and January are, 176, 150 and 113 milimeters respectively.