Three men have been charged for lying about their jobs on a loan application.

26-Year-old Michael Buchanan of Collies Road, Kingston 11; 27-year-old Kavian Brown of Washington Gardens, Kingston 20; and 44-year-old Shawn Berry, of Queens Borough, Kingston 19, have all been charged with several fraud-related offenses.

Police say that on Monday, Buchanan went to a financial institution in New Kingston and applied for an $80,000 unsecured loan.

Brown and Berry followed suit on Tuesday and Wednesday, both applying for an undetermined sum.

All three submitted documents that claimed they were employed to a local trucking company.

But when the financial institution did their checks, they found out that no such company existed.

They reported the matter to the Fraud Squad, who arrested the men as they attempted to collect the funds.

They’ve been charged for Conspiracy to Defraud, Forgery, Uttering Forged Document and Attempting to Obtain Money by Means of Forged Document.

They were offered $50,000 bail, and are scheduled to appear before the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday, September 1.