Opposition Leader, Andrew Holness, says he’s troubled that the nation’s leaders and the Police do not appear to be sufficiently angry when the human rights of ordinary Jamaicans are trampled upon.

Mr. Holness made the observation as he addressed a meeting of the Rotary Club of Kingston at the Liguanea Club, New Kingston this afternoon.

The Opposition Leader made reference to the recent brutal beating and killing of St. James resident Mario Deane. This, while Mr. Deane was in Police custody at the Barnett Street Police lock-up in Montego Bay.

He compared that incident to one that took place 15 years ago when a mentally challenged man from the inner-city community of Olympic Gardens, Michael Gayle, was brutally beaten to death by members of the security forces. This, for breaching a curfew.

Mr. Holness says when brutality such as what befell Mario Deane and Michael Gayle takes place, he has observed statements of condemnation from the political directorate and the Police High Command.

But, he says he does not sense that those in charge are sufficiently offended in order to take decisive action.

Mr. Holness says the nation’s leaders and the Police should have deep consideration regarding their attitude as it relates to human rights.

Andrew Holness, Opposition Leader.