Four criminal suspects who were reportedly travelling on two motorcycles, were nabbed this morning by the police.

A woman who was robbed by the men in the Gardenia avenue area of Mona, alerted the Matilda’s Corner Police.

Speaking with Nationwide News this afternoon, Senior Communication Strategist of the JCF, Dennis Brooks says it took a combination of police efforts and technology to catch the men.

Police from the St.Andrew Central and Kingston Eastern divisions as well as the Jamaica Eye resources were involved in the operation.

The men were intercepted in the Vineyard Town area and one Heckler and Koch 9mm pistol along with 14 9mm rounds of ammunition seized.

The police also seized 2-hundred-thousand dollars ,2 motorcycles and 9 cellphones.

Meanwhile, Commissioner of Police, Major Antony Anderson commented on the incident.

He says there is much more to come where technology is concerned, to help fight crime.

Commissioner of Police, Major Antony Anderson.