The dispute between warring PNP factions in the constituency of Central St. Mary is intensifying.

Councilor for the Port Maria Division, Trecia Harris-Smiley is accusing the Member of Parliament and her fellow comrade, Dr. Morais Guy of disrespect and verbal abuse.

Speaking at a demonstration in the constituency last week, Councilor Smiley had accused Dr. Guy of leading a plot to oust her as a candidate in the upcoming Local Government elections.

Trecia Harris-Smiley, Councilor for the Port Maria Division in St. Mary addressing the media last week at a demonstration.

In a further development on Sunday, one of Dr. Guy’s loyalists and a member of the PNP’s Central St. Mary Constituency Executive, Omar Newell, came under fire after he accused Councilor Smiley of lying.

Writing on facebook and twitter, Newell commented, ” what a councilor lie!”.

Responding, Councilor Smiley and a number of PNP supporters told Mr. Newell that he was out of order.

Newell, who’s also Director of Community Services at the National Youth Service, NYS, was also admonished and told that he’s a newcomer to the political process.

Councilor Smiley says she has refused to attend meetings convened by Dr. Guy, on the grounds that he has verbally abused her, including using expletives in the process.

She says its hard to contend with the disrespect shown to her by Dr. Guy, given how hard she has worked for him and the PNP.

Dr. Guy refused to comment on the matter, when contacted by our news centre on Sunday.

Morais Guy, MP for Central St. Mary speaking with Nationwide News.





Meanwhile … the secretariat of the PNP has intervened in the escalating dispute among its members in Central St. Mary.

The party’s General Secretary, Paul Burke says discussions are underway to resolve the impasse.

Paul Burke, General Secretary of the PNP speaking with Nationwide News on Sunday.