Political commentator, Richard ‘Dickie’ Crawford, says Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller’s presentation at the PNP’s 76th Annual Conference yesterday was a major departure from previous years.

He’s describing the Prime Minister’s presentation as sensible and coherent.

But fellow commentator, Kevin O’Brien Chang, says Mrs. Simpson Miller’s presentation failed to identify the mistakes made by past PNP administrations and to highlight the lessons learned.

He says the Prime Minister merely offered more of the same…

Mr. Crawford says the Prime Minister’s presentation provided a good account of the administration’s achievements over the past two-and-a-half years.

Mr. Crawford says it was reasonable for the Prime Minister to spend time highlighting her administration’s success in implementing the current IMF programme and producing four consecutive quarters of economic growth.

But he says the Jamaican people are not yet feeling the benefits of these achievements.

Meanwhile another political commentator, Kevin O’Brien Chang, says the Prime Minister should be praised for attempting to outline the mission of her administration – that of economic independence.

However, he says it appeared to be mere promises than an indication that lessons have been learned from past mistakes.

And… Mr. O’Brien Chang also says the Prime Minister should take credit for her administration sticking to the current IMF programme.

Political Commentator, Kevin O’Brien Chang, speaking with Nationwide News.