Forty-six Venezuelan migrants, who were mass deported from Trinidad and Tobago last month, have returned to the country illegally.

Though many of the migrants have reportedly returned to seek asylum in other countries, their attorneys have advised them to make contact with the Trinidadian police.

In a joint national security exercise conducted in July of this year, approximately 200 migrants were held in a bar raid, 98 of them were deported.

In a letter to the country’s Commissioner of Police, the attorneys for the returning 46 migrants highlighted the return of their clients and disavowed what they perceive to be the unlawful and improper issuance of deportation orders by Minister of National Security, Fitzgerald Hines.

According to the attorneys, the migrants were forced to sign the deportation orders under threat of imprisonment, and as a result, they are once again calling on the police commissioner to investigate Minister Hinds for crimes against humanity.

They also claim that their clients were not afforded the right as asylum seekers to challenge their rejection as provided for under the Trinidadian Immigration Act.