The young boy who was attacked and badly hurt by dogs in St Ann on Sunday, is being flown to New York City for urgent life saving medical treatment.

He’s five year old Mickele Allen from Alexandria.

His mother Sherine Grindley told our News Centre yesterday, that while Mickele’s condition had improved, it was still considered serious.

Former CVM Television Executive, Andrew McGlone, says he helped to arrange for Mickele to fly to New York City today.

Stevian Simmonds reports.

Sherine Grindley says her son was attacked while returning from a community shop, on Sunday.

She says Mickele sustained multiple injuries, including a severe wound to the head.

She says his condition, while still serious, has improved.

Ms Grindley says her son is to do plastic surgery.

But she says the Bustamante Hospital where he was admitted, told her his wounds needed to heal more before he could undergo that surgery.

Today, Mickele is on his way to New York City to do an urgent operation this weekend.

Mr McGlone, a US national who’s worked in Jamaica, says the Passport Immigration and Citizenship Agency, PICA, has provided expedited passports for both Mickele and his mother.

Stevian Simmonds, for Nationwide News.