Prime Minister Andrew Holness is warning criminals that his government will not relent until they’re brought to justice.

The Prime Minister says political pressure will no longer result in anti-crime measures being aborted.

Mr. Holness says even if the States of Public Emergency aren’t renewed, the criminals will still be pursued.

The Prime Minister also says the security forces are committed to upholding human rights standards.

He says the rule of law must be at the vanguard of the country’s war on crime.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness was addressing a ceremony for the handing over of some 55 houses in Darliston and Shewsbury in Westmoreland yesterday.

In the meantime, Prime Minister Holness is hailing the work of the Police Force and prosecutors for securing a guilty verdict in the Tesha Miller trial.

Miller was convicted of being an accessory before and after the fact to murder in relation to the 2008 killing of then Jamaica Urban Transit Company Chairman, Douglas Chambers.

After deliberating for approximately three hours, a 7-member jury returned a verdict of guilty in the Supreme Court in downtown, Kingston on Tuesday.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness.

During the high-profile trial, the Crown’s only witness identified Miller as the leader of the Spanish Town-based, Klansman Gang.

He also gave evidence that Miller ordered the killing of Mr. Chambers.