A preparatory school in Spanish Town, St. Catherine, Bright Start, is being accused of limiting student access to online learning.

This in violation of the Ministry of Education’s policy of permitting multiple learning modalities due to Covid-19.

According to a parent, the administration has placed the school of 300-students on a shift system. It’s requiring that all students attend face to face classes.

The parent, who asked that his identity be withheld over fears that his child might be victimized, is alleging that the school is ill equipped to manage the full complement, even with a shift system in place.

The parent says his concerns are compounded by the fact that the school has refused parents access to the school premises.

He says parents are unable to determine whether the facility can accommodate the student cohort for face to face classes.

But principal, Kiniania Bell, is denying the allegations.

She says the school has been doing its best to accommodate the different challenges being faced by the students.

The educator says despite the administration’s best efforts, parents have been complaining about the different options available.

Kiniania Bell, Principal Bright Start Preparatory.

The Education Ministry has advised that students should continue to be engaged via multiple teaching modalities.

A total of 132 schools have so far received the green light to resume face to face classes. More are expected to be added as the new term progresses.