The Jamaica Constabulary Force JCF says after more than a year of Jasmine Deen being reported missing, there is a presumption that she might not be alive.

Head of the Jamaica Constabulary Force’s Corporate Communications Unit, Senior Superintendent of Police SSP Stephanie Lindsay says there’s a possibility the status of the case might change from missing to a homicide.

But SSP Lindsay says the investigation has not been finalised.

She explained there’re several steps that must be taken legally before the case can be considered a homicide

Missing without a Trace, a Nationwide Exclusive documentary that premiered last Saturday, raised several questions.

After more than a year, the family of Jasmine Deen is still seeking closure for the sudden disappearance of their relative.

The visually impaired University of the West Indies student never made it home on February 27, 2020, after waiting for a bus outside the campus back gate.

SSP Lindsay said the nature of the case has not changed.

Although the time frame of her disappearance could make lawmen consider the case a homicide, Deen is still being declared missing until further legal steps are completed.

On April 24 two persons of interest who were arrested in relation to the unfamiliar disappearance of Jasmine Deen were charged.

The suspects were identified as 40-year-old Tamar Henry, otherwise called Braff or Lavish, of Bull Bay St. Andrew and 36-year-old Gregor Wright otherwise called G.

The suspects were found with Jasmine’s phone and bank cards.

But SSP Lindsay says there is not sufficient evidence to charge the suspects for the possible murder of Deen just yet.

During the initial disappearance of Jasmine, several persons took to social media to point fingers at the person who transported Jasmine from the campus back gate.

According to SSP Lindsay the vehicle was seized and processed but after the taxi operator was questioned he was released.

The JCF has conducted more than 50 search operations across the island.

After more than a year, SSP Lindsay is still urging persons with information to contact the police.

She added that the family deserves closure.