Our Values

 Our covenant is with the people of Jamaica – Nationwide News Network’s viewers and listeners. Nationwide News Network must at all times be truthful, thorough, fair and balanced in its reporting, comment and analysis. Nationwide News Network is sharp and incisive in its reporting but will be guided by the canons of its profession. That is, Nationwide News Network will be decent, honest and shall say sorry whenever it gets it wrong. Nationwide News Network will hold itself to the highest standards of internal and external accountability through its watchdog Editorial Board comprising internal and external professionals who will constantly review the quality of the work.

Nationwide News Network is creating an organizational environment in which team members can achieve their full potential. Therefore, Nationwide News Network is committed to a long term sustainable process of holistic development that recognizes the complete development of the individual. Each person matters. We shall therefore be loving and respectful of each other as we share ideas and build each other.

The strength of the Nationwide News Network team is based on mutual respect, love for each other and the belief that all ideas must contend. Within this framework, the Nationwide News Network Team recognizes diversity, and while celebrating differences among team members, realizes that there are commonalities that bind us together.

The Nationwide News Network value system is characterized:

  • Excellence, honesty and integrity.
  • Truth, no matter what!
  • Mutual respect and love for all team members.
  • Richness in diversity and differences.
  • Lifelong learning and development.
  • Putting our clients first.

Mission Statement

We shall leverage our brand equity, talent, experience, technical infrastructure and business relationships to be Jamaica’s principal provider of accurate broadcast news (hard and soft), sports, current affairs, business and entertainment, customized for clients on our owned, and, or controlled media outlets, through employees who have been empowered and with the necessary skills thus creating value to our listeners, viewers, customers and shareholders.

Vision Statement

“To be the most credible source and preferred choice for broadcast media information, news, current affairs and entertainment programming originating in Jamaica.”