The Maroon community has initiated a mediation session amid rising tensions in the territory.

Several sections of the Maroon community are unhappy with the Accompong leader, Chief Richard Currie.

Currie has been accused of seeking to rule the territory by force and armed men.

He has denied the allegations.

In a statement this afternoon, appearing over the name of a man styled as Attorney General, C.S.S. Moore Minott, indicated that a mediation session will be held on November 20 regarding an incident which occurred between November 5 and 6.

A man was seriously wounded in the incident. It’s being alleged he was beaten and stabbed by associates of the Maroon chief.

Currie has also denied those allegations.

The Maroon government is inviting persons with grievances who wish to provide witness statements about the matter to attend the mediation session.

It says a decision will be issued by November 20, 2021.