The man charged with the murder of social media influencer, Aneka ‘Slickianna’ Townsend, Rushawn Patterson was denied bail when he appeared before Justice Andrea Thomas in the St. James Circuit Court earlier on Tuesday.

Justice Thomas said in her view, the allegations of the prosecution are serious enough to inform the view that if granted bail, Patterson will not return.

The prosecution told the judge that Patterson is a flight risk and based on his history, he might abscond bail.

The judge also heard that Patterson has another court case to answer in St. Andrew.

That case concerns the alleged abduction of a woman in 2018.

Patterson was denied bail in that matter.

Patterson is being represented by a new attorney, Dionne Meyler Barrett, who outlined reasons why he should be given bail.

She argued that bail be granted on humanitarian grounds and based on
the weakness of the crown’s case.

Meyler Barrett said her client, who is not a flight risk, suffers from haemophilia and gallstones and was in need of medical attention.

She also claimed he was in danger while in custody.