Attorney General, Marlene Malahoo Forte, says the government will be publishing guidelines for the implementation of its policy of preventative detention.

Her declaration follows mounting questions and concerns about the enforcement of the policy which the government has announced as part of its strategy to reduce violent crimes.

The Attorney General’s commitment follows a call by human rights lobby group, Jamaicans for Justice, for the government to put in place specific safeguards against abuses of preventative detention measures.

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Mrs. Malahoo Forte — who was speaking today with Nationwide News — didn’t say when the guidelines will be published.

She says the government will be meeting with JFJ to discuss its concerns.

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JFJ says as a safeguard, the government should institute a requirement for the issuance of written notices of all police arrests and detentions.

Rodje Malcolm is Advocacy Manager at JFJ.

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He says this is important for accountability.

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Mr. Malcolm says there’s confusion about the policy.

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JFJ says public education regarding preventative detention is needed for both citizens and the police.