Foreign Affairs Minister, Senator AJ Nicholson today refused to update the Senate on the status of Jamaican pilot Paul Stephens who’s in prison in Qatar.

Mr Stephens, who’s from West Kingston, was accused of a criminal charge by authorities in Qatar. He has denied the charge.

Reports have surfaced that Mr. Stephens may be released on Sunday.

Opposition Senator Robert Montague requested an update in Parliament today from the Foreign Affairs Minister.

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Senator Nicholson was quoted in the Jamaica Observer newspaper this week vowing not to say another word about the imprisoned Jamaican in Qatar.

The Minister was also quoted asking why Mr Stephens’ case was receiving so much attention and whether Mr. Stephens was a king.

However, in a statement yesterday, the Foreign Affairs Ministry said Stephens remained in custody but it’s expecting him to be released soon.

It also said it would be moving swiftly to help him.

As Senator Montague pressed today for parliament to be updated, the Foreign Affairs Minister maintained his silence.

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