Controversial radical Muslim cleric, Sheik Abdullah Al Faisal, is strongly defending the actions of the Islamic militant group, ISIS and its attitude to Christians.

ISIS has published several videos showing brutal beheadings and killings of several persons, including foreigners, as it wages a war in Syria and Iraq on its mission to establish a caliphate.

A Caliphate refers to an Islamic Government, led by a Supreme Ruler or Caliph.

ISIS has also claimed responsibility for various acts of terrorism around the world.

Addressing an audience at a Mosque in Jamaica on the weekend, Sheik Al Faisal said lies are being perpetuated about ISIS.

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Sheik Al Faisal was deported to Jamaica from the United Kingdom a few years ago after he was implicated in terrorist activities.

He has denied the allegations.

He has also been on the radar of local law enforcement agents since his return to Jamaica.

Speaking at the Mosque, Sheik Al Faisal also lashed out at homosexuality in Jamaica.

He says gays have no place in the local Muslim community.

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