The reputed Jamaican-born Muslim Cleric, Sheikh Abdullah Al Faisal, has had his hearing for an application to quash his extradition to the United States delayed again.

This time the hearing is set for three days starting on February 11, next year.

Al Faisal is seeking to have the high court reverse the Kingston and St. Andrew Parish Court’s decision to have him extradited to the United States to answer to terrorism-related charges. His attorney is Bert Samuels.

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Al Faisal, who was registered Trevor William Forrest at birth, took the matter to the Supreme Court in May. That was after a Kingston and St Andrew Parish Judge, Broderick Smith, ruled on April 30 that he should be extradited.

The June date set for the hearing was delayed until today. Mr. Samuels expressed frustration at the slow pace of the justice system.

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