Head of the Christian Ministries Church in Antigua and Barbuda, Bishop Charlesworth Browne says the upcoming performance of controversial dancehall artiste, Alkaline, will bring decadence and death to that nation.

Bishop Browne is calling on the authorities to cancel the scheduled Black Rave performance of the young Jamaican artiste on Saturday.

This is not the first time a Caribbean country has objected to Alkaline, who’s real name is Earlan Bartley, performing in their country.

In July, the Premier of Nevis, Vance Amory called for a concert featuring the artiste to be cancelled, over fears about the DJ’s social and moral influence on citizens.

Alkaline is known for his explicit and sexually charged lyrics, along with his tendency to endorse taboo sexual practices in his music.

The 22 year old performer surged to prominence over the past two years, after pictures began making the internet rounds showing his tattooed eyeballs.

Its perhaps those characteristics that has caused Bishop Browne to declare that he’s prepared to call for a boycott of the nation’s Independence celebrations over the upcoming performance.

Bishop Browne said he was calling on the rest of the Christian community to steer clear of the rest of the celebrations.

He says if the nation was going to be as corrupt and perverse as this, then the Christian community should withdraw from them completely.

Bishop Browne says as a leader in the Christian community, he’s opposed to any performance that’s geared to the corruption of young people and particularly young women.

Reports coming out of Antigua say Alkaline has professed to be a satanist.

A member of Diamond Spartans, the team responsible for the Black Rave concert says there’s no truth to the rumour.

But Bishop Browne says he’s spoken with the Minister in charge of national festivals about the performance and believes that the authorities should be sensitive enough to put a stop to the event.

He’s also calling for a revocation of any signed document that authorizes the performance.