All accused in the trial of members of the reputed Klansman gang have pleaded not guilty to the charges against them.

The trial got underway on Monday morning in the Supreme Court.

In the first time in the country’s history the opening proceedings of the trial were aired live via audio only with the Clerk of Courts reading out the charges.

Among the accused include Andre Bryan also known as Blackman, the reputed leader of a break away faction of the St. Catherine-based gang.

Mr. Bryan was specifically charged with leading a criminal organisation to which he plead not guilty.

That’s the Clerk of Courts hearing the plea of Andre Blackman Bryan.

A heavy police presence has been put in place around the court house in one of the most high profile proceedings since the trial of Dance Hall Artiste Vybez Kartel whose given name is Adijah Palmer.

The trial will see the 32 men and one woman being tried under the Criminal Justice Suppression of Criminal Organisations Act, 2014, better known as the anti-gang legislation, on an indictment with 25 counts, for allegedly being part of a criminal organisation in a judge-alone trial.