The House of Representatives opened the debate on amendments to the Child Care and Protection Act, discontinuing the practice of placing children deemed uncontrollable in penal institutions.

But the debate was postponed after the Opposition called for additional time to consider the amendments to the Act.

In opening the debate on Tuesday, Education Minister, Fayval Williams, says more options to treat the underlying issues these children face will be provided.

The Minister says using a correctional order to punish a child not accused of a criminal act is unjust.

Fayval Williams Minister of Education and Youth.

While acknowledging the importance of the legislation, Opposition Leader, Mark Golding, raised concerns over specific aspects of the Bill.

Other Opposition MPs who supported the suspension were MP for Kingston East and Port Royal, Phillip Paulwell, and the member from South East St. Ann, Lisa Hanna.

The Education Minister questioned the call for the delay, noting the bill was tabled a week prior.

Nevertheless, she moved to hold the bill for another week in the spirit of unity.

Fayval Williams, Minister of Education and Youth.