There’s another report of a suspected Chikungunya-related death in Jamaica.

Dead is a 7-year-old boy, Xavier Miller.

Xavier died today after suffering what his mother, Latoya Seiveright, says were symptoms similar to the Chik-v disease.

Miss Seiveright says Xavier died at home in Riverview, Papine in Eastern St. Andrew.

Xavier’s mother says her son was up and about playing football on Saturday but fell ill on Sunday complaining of pain and suffering high fever.

She says Xavier did not survive despite her giving him Panadol.

According to the Xavier’s mother, based on information in the public domain she feels sure her son died of Chikungunya.

This, despite the fact that an autopsy has not been conducted on the body.

She says personnel at the University Hospital of the West Indies did not offer any explanation for the sudden passing of the Mona Heights Primary school pupil.

On Friday last week, a student of Camperdown High died after falling and hitting his head.

Principal, Valentine Bailey, said reports are that the student, Sheckton Gordon, was made extremely weak by Chik-v, causing him to fall and meet his untimely demise.

Meanwhile, Principal of Mona Heights Primary, Fabian Mahabir says the school has been advised of Xavier’s passing.

AND .. Jamaica Labour Party caretaker for Eastern. St. Andrew, Fayval Williams, who was in Riverview today, is describing Xavier’s death as tragic.

Fayval Williams, JLP-caretaker for Eastern. St. Andrew, speaking with Nationwide News.