Police Commissioner, Dr. Carl Williams has expressed outrage that another member of the Constabulary Force has been brutally murdered by criminals.

The latest victim is a Constable who was gunned down in Denham Town, West Kingston about 8:30 last night.

In a statement issued at 11:20pm last night, Dr. Williams says he’s especially angry, given that the Constable was killed while serving and protecting the citizens of Denham Town.

It’s understood the policeman was walking along Wellington Street in West Kingston, when he was attacked from behind.

He was shot several times by his attacker.

It’s understood the policeman was pronounced dead at the scene.

Commissioner Williams notes that this is the third colleague the Police have had to mourn in little more than a week.

Last week a Woman Constable was executed by gunmen on Spanish Town Road, while a Constable was run over by a motorist in Western Jamaica.

Commissioner Williams says it’s now apparent that these are systematic and coordinated attacks intended to break the morale of the Constabulary and ease the pressure being brought to bear on criminals in various communities.

But amid his lament, the Police Chief struck a note of defiance.

He says that the cowardly fiends must know that these attacks, will in now way intimidate the valiant men and women of the Constabulary.

He says the Constabulary Force is determined to arrest and convict these dastardly human beings.

To the murderers, Commissioner Williams says you will be hunted down. You will be caught and you will be made to answer for your callous crimes.

The Commissioner notes that an attack on any law enforcement officer is an attack on the state.

He says it’s ironic that Police personnel were being attacked by persons who are oftentimes protected by members of the same public who the police sacrifice so much to serve with dignity and respect for their rights.

The Police Commissioner is appealing for witnesses to come forward and tell what they know.

He ends his statement with the question,  “Who will be brave enough to stand up and declare that they will not yield their sovereignty and freedom of conscience to gunmen? Who?”

Bunting’s Regret

National Security Minister Peter Bunting has disclosed the name of the Constable who was gunned down last night.

In a statement just before 7:00 this morning, Minister Bunting says Constable Lynden Barrett of the Denham Town Police and a five-year member of the JCF was gunned down on Wellington Street in Downtown Kingston while he was carrying out patrol duties in the area.

The Security Minister is expressing deep regret at the murder of yet another member of the Constabulary Force.

Minister Bunting says this marks another sad day for the  Constabulary Force.

The Security Minister is calling on all Jamaicans to join him in condemning what he’s described as a heinous crime.

Bunting says he learnt of the killing of Constable Barrett while on Government Business in Washington DC.

He says the Security Forces will not allow the cowardly attack on Law and Order to go unpunished.

The Security Minister is moving to assure the Jamaican people that the Police will not be deterred in their efforts to defend communities and to maintain the pressure on criminal elements.

INDECOM Distressed

Meanwhile the Independent Commission of Investigations, INDECOM says its distressed to learn of the death of another member of the JCF.

Senior Public Relations Officer at INDECOM, Kahmile Reid says the killing of the Police Constable is an attack on the state.

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