Another so-called Police ‘death squad’ trial got underway in the Home Circuit Court in downtown Kingston yesterday.

Detective Corporal Kevin Adams and Constable Jerome White are before the courts.

They’ve both been charged with the murder of Anthony Trought on 1st Street in Terrier Town, Race Track, Clarendon.

Adams is facing the court for a second time after being freed of a murder charge in Janaury.

He was also recently granted bail after spending some five years in custody.

Justice Marcia Dunbar Green is the Presiding Judge in the matter which is expected to run for some 2 to 4 weeks.

Tauna Thomas reports.

The Prosecution’s first witness in his evidence in chief says on February 13, 2012 Adams told him he’d kill both him and Trought if he returned to his community for a second time that day.

The witness says the day’s encounter with Adams and White started sometime after 2:00 that afternoon while he was home with a friend.

He says they had just completed work on a pig pen they were constructing.

The witness says Trought who he called Toby had left the community accompanied by another male friend.

The witness says while in his bedroom having a smoke, Adams and White entered his house with guns in hand.

He says both had black 9 milli-metre guns and were dressed in plain clothes.

He says Adams entered the room but White remained in his living room.

According to the witness, Adams asked him several questions in relation to the whereabouts of his family and who resided at his home with him.

He says Adams also asked if he knew him.

The witness says he responded by inquiring of the Policeman if he went by the alias ‘Addi’ but he didn’t reply.

He says a call then came in on White’s phone.

He says during the call White told Adams to ask him for Trought.

However the witness says he told them he was unaware of Trought’s whereabouts.

The witness says when the two Policemen exited his house to leave, Adams told him he would leave but if he returned he’d kill them.

The witness says he responded telling Adams he wouldn’t have to kill anyone because they weren’t wrongdoers.

On the outside the witness says four other policemen were seen around his house.

The other four he says were dressed in navy blue with rifles in hand.

He says all six men convened then went into two separate vehicles.

He says Adams and White entered a station wagon while the others left in a marked service vehicle.

The witness says the two vehicles drove off to exit First street by crossing the bridge.

He says when the Police team were crossing the bridge, the vehicle Trought was travelling in came from the opposite direction to head into the community.

The witness says from his home he could see Trought’s vehicle slowing down to allow the policemen to pass on the bridge.

He says Trought’s vehicle then crossed the bridge and was making it’s way into First street.

The witness says it was at this point he saw the two vehicles carrying the Policemen coming back at high speed.

According to the witness he ran out into the road with his hands in the air signaling Trought not to drive into First Street.

The witness is expected to continue giving his evidence in chief about the events of February 13, 2012 at 10:00 this morning when the trial resumes.