The St. Ann Police says it’s investigating the beating of a female student by six others at the Steer Academy on Monday after she allegedly stepped on the shoes of one of her schoolmates.

Commanding Officer for St. Ann Police Division, Senior Superintendent Dwight Powell, gave details on the incident.

SSP Powell says the student was beaten until she became unconscious.

She was subsequently treated at the St. Ann’s Bay Regional Hospital.

The Commanding Officer says he will be working with the school to resolve the matter.

Senior Superintendent Dwight Powell, Commanding Officer for the St. Ann Police Division.

This incident follows a similar one last week in which a 14-year-old male student at the B.B Coke High School in St. Elizabeth was beaten by a grade 11 male student.

The eighth grader, Jaheem Coleman, allegedly stepped on the eleventh grader’s Clarks.