The anti-corruption watchdog, National Integrity Action, NIA, is calling for the resignation or expulsion of the Mayor of St. Ann’s Bay Mayor, Michael Belnavis.

Its call follows allegations that the Mayor is a director of a private company which captured government land and constructed a building in violation of Jamaica’s Building Act.

The NIA says should the Mayor refuse to resign, the Councillors of the St. Ann Municipal Corporation should put public interest above party and expel him for misconduct. 

It says it’s reminding the Mayor and Councillors that they are sworn to uphold the Municipal Corporation Act which makes the Corporation responsible for good governance.

The NIA says it wishes to reaffirm that in order for the public to develop greater respect for the rule of law in Jamaica, regardless of the government in power, there must be one law for all. 

The anti-corruption watchdog says good practice demands that Mayor Belnavis do the right thing and separate himself from the high office of Mayor.

It says this should happen even prior to the completion of the ongoing investigation of the St. Ann Municipal Corporation by the Integrity Commission.