Head of the St. James Police, Senior Superintendent Marlon Nesbeth, says the Anti-Lottery Scam Task Force is up running and will be pursuing several leads in the parish.

The spiraling crime rate in St. James saw at least 14 people shot and four killed in the parish last week.

Senior Superintendent Nesbeth says the police will be increasing their efforts to bring the criminals to book.

The lucrative lottery scam in western Jamaica, particularly the parish of St. James, has been linked to much of the recent blood letting.

SSP Nesbeth says the Anti Lottery Scam task force is now back up and running.

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He struck an upbeat tone after resources were yesterday pledged by Prime Minister Andrew Holness during a tour of St. James to stem the violent tide.

SSP Nesbeth says the additional resources will help the police and military to flood troubled areas.

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Yesterday, six persons were shot, one fatally in the parish, when gunmen opened fire on a football match in Anchovy.

A shooting was also reported in Farm Heights, Montego Bay.

The Senior Superintendent is warning residents that they may experience some inconvenience but is asking for their cooperation.

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He’s also moving to deal with concerns raised about possible links between criminals in St. James and members of the police force.

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