Apple will update its iPhone 12 in France after fears about radiation.

That’s according to the country’s digital minister, Jean-Noel Barrot.

Mr. Barrot said Apple would deliver a software update for users in the country in the coming days.

Sales of iPhone 12 were halted in France after a regulator detected too much electromagnetic radiation. Apple was told to fix the issue.

The firm said the new update would only apply to users in France, where it said a specific testing protocol existed.

The American tech giant suggested the radiation findings were a result of that testing regime, and that it was “not a safety concern”.

The planned update raises questions over Apple’s plans for iPhone 12, which was released just three years ago, in other countries.

Mr Barrot said that the radio frequency regulator, ANFR, would test the new update to check its compliance before iPhone 12 is allowed back on sale in the country.

The World Health Organization has previously sought to allay fears about radiation emitted by mobile phones.