The Aquatic Sports Association of Jamaica, and University Sports Program, have signed an agreement.

The agreement will see Jamaican swimmers being able to train and study in North America via a scholarship programme.

The agreement means swimmers who meet the academic and athletic requirements demanded by American universities, will be able to continue their education and expand their swimming skills at some of the best universities in the world.

The Aquatic Sports Association of Jamaica and University Sports Program will carry out a series of actions during the year to promote the different options available in the North America for Jamaican swimmers.

Among the scheduled activities, seminars will be held to educate athletes, parents and coaches about the operations of the college sports system and the opportunities they offer for foreign athletes.

President of the ASAJ, Martin Lyn, says USP will act as a direct advisor to ASAJ for any topic related to College swimming in the North America.

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Through this agreement, USP will also award full scholarships to the best Jamaican swimmer ranked by FINA.

This scholarship will cover the cost of registration to attend the first USP College Swimming Event.

Since 1995, USP has managed the placement of more than 1,900 Student-Athletes, achieving more than 45 million dollars in athletic and academic scholarships.

Lyn says USP counts on the collaboration of the most recognized coaches in the country, who understand the importance that their students continue with their academic career.

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