Neika Lewis reports.

Education Minister, Fayval Williams has described the pandemic as the most challenging threat since independence.

This as she notes the significant challenges and risks brought on by the global crisis in fields such as Education.

However, Minister Williams says Jamaicans are resilient. She’s also confident a good school term is possible despite the pandemic.

The Minister was speaking last evening during an official Back-to-School National broadcast.

Nearly a month after the initially planned reopening of schools, the business of teaching and learning resumes today- virtually.

The challenges brought on by the pandemic have not been lost on Education Minister, Fayval Williams.

Minister Williams commended education stakeholders who she says have been ensuring no child is left behind.

The Minister’s also assuring that despite the constraints during the pandemic, a productive school year’s possible.

She reiterates that public schools will resume today with virtual classes one of three approaches being employed for teaching and learning for now.

Meanwhile, the Education Minister says during the first week of school, the focus will be on providing psychosocial support to students and parents.

She notes after almost 6 months away from the formal education system, incidents of suicide and stress among parents and students show the need for psychosocial support.

Minister Williams says students will also be advised on which of the three approaches their schools will be employing for the period.

Meanwhile, effective today the government will resume its nutritional support programme for needy students.

The Minister says tablet distribution for needy students and those on the PATH programme continues.

Fayval Williams, Minister of Education, speaking last evening during a National Back to School message.