A defrauded customer of Stocks and Securities Limited, SSL, has detailed how the multi-million US dollar fraud has shaken her faith in God and left her ashamed and embarrassed.

The woman, who we’re calling Patricia, has been a client of the company for more than five years.

She invested multiple millions of dollars in the embattled investment firm.

The investments had reached maturity and the woman was preparing to benefit from the sums, when she realised only 1-million dollars was left in the account.

More in this report from Ricardo Brooks:

Patricia says her concerns about SSL were first sparked by the firm’s high employee turn over rate.

Her concerns became heightened when her multi million dollar investment portfolio with the firm was suddenly depleted by nearly 50%.

She says she raised the issues with SSL staff, but they convinced her to keep her money with them, as it would improve.

That never happened.

The account now has substantially less than what it should have at this point.

Patricia says she regrets ignoring the warning signs.

The woman’s husband and son have reportedly been left despondent by the incident.

The Financial Services Commission, FSC, says the level of fraud uncovered at Stocks and Securities Limited is unprecedented in Jamaica’s history.

Among those defrauded is Jamaican Sprinter, Usain Bolt, who lost close to two billion Jamaican dollars.

Patricia says she deprived herself of luxuries over the years to be able to invest for retirement.

Stocks and Securities Limited has reportedly had no substantial contact with those who’ve been fleeced.

Patricia says she’s been calling for days without success.

She says even the wealth advisor who convinced her to stay with the firm, despite her concerns, has been ignoring her calls.

You’ll hear on the Front Page during Nationwide This Morning how the multi million dollar fraud has left the investor with little options for her retirement.