The process by which a group of 37 Haitians are seeking asylum from the Jamaican government has stalled.

That’s according to the founder of Freedom Imaginaries, Attorney-at-Law, Marlene Alleyne.

The Haitians, 29 adults and eight children, entered the country illegally by boat off the coast of Portland on Monday, July 10.

They’re being held at a facility in Robin’s Bay, St. Mary.

A formal request for asylum was made on behalf of the group by Freedom Imaginaries.

The application was made after the adults in the group were prosecuted and fined seven thousand dollars each for illegal entry.

Ms. Alleyne says the asylum process has faced multiple stumbling blocks, including the lack of access to information.

She says her team has also been denied the chance to meet with the government and advocate on behalf of the Haitians.

In August the Ministry of National Security issued a statement saying it’s committed to ensuring the Haitians get the highest level of support, even as the legal process towards asylum continues.

Ms Alleyne says she’s hopeful the government will stand by its word.

Malene Alleyne, Founder of Freedom Imaginaries.