At least 26 residents of Linstead in St. Catherine have been fleeced of hundreds of thousands of dollars since the start of the year.

This includes six people who were targeted on Friday alone.

That’s according to Head of the St. Catherine North Police Division, Senior Superintendent Anthony Powell.

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SSP Powell was responding to queries from Nationwide News, following reports about an increase in bank fraud affecting Linstead residents.

One man told our news centre that some $300,000 was stolen from his account at a prominent bank. He says he was left with only $400.

The man says he knows of at least six other persons in the Linstead area who have suffered a similar fate.

Another person complained that over $150,000 was stolen from her account at another prominent bank.

SSP Powell says Scotiabank, NCB and Jamaica National customers in Linstead have been most affected.

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He says the police are investigating.

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