Attorney-at-law, Gordon Brown, who was charged with obstruction of justice, was freed on Friday in the St James Parish Court.

Brown’s legal woes stem from his actions while representing businessman Michael Issa.

Brown was charged after allegedly obstructing attempts by the police to secure a firearm from the businessman.

In handing down her judgement, Presiding Parish Judge Sasha Ashley says the Crown’s presentation in Court of what transpired at the Freeport Police Station between Brown and the police, leaves reasonable doubt as to whether it unfolded in the manner given.

Brown was represented by fellow Attorneys Carolyn Reid-Cameron, Denise Kitson, Rachel Kitson, Anna Gracie and Henry McCurdy.

Michael Issa, is the stepfather of nine-year-old Gabriel King who was murdered on January 13.

Issa was originally charged with resisting arrest and indecent language when he went to the police station to report his licensed firearm missing hours after his stepson was allegedly abducted and killed.

He was also charged with negligent loss of a firearm.

The gun, which reportedly went missing on December 17 last year, was later found and the charges against Issa dismissed.

King, who was autistic, was found with his throat slashed and his body slumped on the back seat of his mother’s car shortly after she told police that assailants dragged her from the vehicle and drove away with her child.

The incident allegedly took place on the Tucker main road in St James. So far, no arrests have been made in the case and no suspects named.