Nationwide News can confirm that Attorney General, Patrick Atkinson, has given his advice to the National Security Ministry on whether a policy can be implemented, preventing the police from detaining persons held with small amounts of ganja, such as a spliff.

Our newscentre understands that the National Security Minister will shortly issue a statement detailing the AG’s advice.

Portfolio Minister Peter Bunting, is now reviewing the statement.

Both Minister Bunting, and Justice Minister, Senator Mark Golding, last week asked the Attorney General whether such a policy decision could be made until legislation is passed allowing for decriminalization.

The move to prevent the police from locking up persons held with small amounts of ganja is supported by the parliamentary opposition.

It follows the beating death of St. James resident, Mario Deane, who was detained at the Barnettt Street Police lock-up in the parish last week Sunday.

Mr. Deane had been detained for possession of a ganja spliff.

He died last Wednesday, three days after he was taken to hospital, having suffered a severe beating while in the custody of the Police.

The Justice Minister has been drafting legislation to decriminalize the use and possession of small quantities of the weed.