The attorney representing Shernette Haughton, Delford Morgan, is refuting claims that his client  authorized the award of government contracts to her family and friends.

A special report by the Office of the Contractor General accused Councillor Haughton of nepotism and conflicts of interest when she recommended the award of nearly 4-million dollars in contracts to close family members.

Ms. Haughton is the former Chairman of the Hanover Parish Council.

The OCG has recommended that the Director of Public Prosecutions examine the findings to determine whether there was criminal wrongdoing.

However, Mr. Morgan says his client has done nothing worng.

According to the OCG report, Ms. Haughton circumvented procedures by facilitating the signing of blank contract forms by contractors whom she recommended for the award of contracts.

She also co-signed several cheques payable to those family member, and collected some of the cheques on their behalf.

Councillor Haughton has maintained that she did not benefit from the contracts.

Her attorney says the contract to her husband, Michael Grant, only netted him a small amount of money.

Delford Morgan, attorney representing the former Mayor of Lucea, Shernet Haughton.