The Auditor General has cleared the Financial Services Commission of most allegations of wrongdoing levelled by a whistleblower regarding its procurement practices.

However, Mrs. Monroe-Ellis has raised concerns regarding the transparency of the FSC’s human resource management practices.

The Auditor General found that 71 positions at the FSC, costing in excess of $300 million per year, were not on the ministry’s “List of Established Posts.”

However, Mrs. Munroe-Ellis says she found no evidence of an intention to circumvent government policy.

The FSC says its enabling legislation authorises it to take such actions. 

The Auditor General also observed instances where officers were either employed or promoted without the positions being advertised or interviewed. 

Although this practice is in accordance with the Public Service Regulations, the FSC indicated that steps will be taken to amend its HR policy to address any ambiguities. 

Ultimately, the Auditor General recommended the FSC seek to resolve with the Ministry of Finance outstanding matters related to its establishment and recruitment practices and improve transparency in its HR processes.