There’s been a massive improvement in the performance of Jamaican students in CSEC Maths this year.

Figures released by the Education Ministry reveal a 33-percent jump in the number of students passing Maths in the June, 2014 sitting of the regional exam, when compared to last year.

Portfolio Minister, Ronald Thwaites, made the announcement at a press conference at his Heroes Circle office in downtown, Kingston, this afternoon.

He also announced that overall, students recorded improvements in 12 of the 35 CSEC subjects offered by the Caribbean Examination Council, CXC.

The Education Ministry says there was a 56-percent pass rate in CSEC Maths this year, compared to 42-percent last year.

The marked improvement is even more commendable because more students sat this year’s exam, than last year.

He also revealed improvements in Additional Mathematics and the Sciences this year.

The Education Minister says while the numbers are encouraging, only a few students do the Sciences.

He says his Ministry is on a campaign to increase the number of students who do the Sciences.

There’s also been a slight improvement this year in another core subject – English Language

There’s a 66-percentage pass rate this year, compared to 64-percent last year.

While noting that more students sat Maths and English in this year’s CSEC exams, Minister Thwaites says by 2016, all students must sit both subjects. He says that’s non-negotiable.

As he noted the slight improvement in English results, he lamented that most are having difficulty expressing themselves.

He also reminded that in the next two years, there’ll be a mandatory oral-testing for English.

AND, Minister Thwaites says there was a slight decline in passes CAPE Unit One exams this year.

At Unit Two, the performance remained flat.

Education Minister, Ronald Thwaites.

He says there was a 10-percent increase in the number of CAPE Unit One entries and a 7 -percent increase for Unit two.

There were 55-thousand entries.

Candidates were entered in 25 subjects at the CAPE level.

All 17 candidates who sat Digital Media, a new subject offered this year, passed.