Opposition Spokesman on Local Government, Desmond McKenzie, says the government is failing Jamaicans during this period of severe drought, due to the ramshackle state of the fire service.

Mr. McKenzie says his earlier calls for more resources to be channeled to the fire department, have become even more urgent in the face of the worsening drought.

Desmond McKenzie Says JLP Concerned Fire Fighting Resources 14Jul14

Mr. McKenzie says the government needs to pursue a long-term solution.

Desmond McKenzie – Long Term Solution for Fire Department 14Jul14

The opposition spokesman says the absence of a proper fire service is putting the life and property of all Jamaicans at risk. He says this dereliction of duty is inconsistent with the government’s mantra of putting people first.

Desmond McKenzie Says Govt Not Putting People First 14Jul14

Desmond McKenzie, Opposition Spokesman on Local Government, speaking with Nationwide News.