Finance Minister, Dr. Peter Phillips, says he has no plans to impose any new taxes for the remainder of this fiscal year.

Phillips Says no New or Additional Taxes 16Jul14

Dr. Phillips was speaking with Nationwide News at the launch of the Jamaica Social Protection Strategy at the Planning Institute of Jamaica offices in New Kingston this morning.

His comments follow those of the Co-chair of the Economic Programme Oversight Committee, EPOC, Richard Byles, who says he doesn’t expect any new or additional taxes before the end of the fiscal year.

On Monday, the EPOC Co-chair said based on the government’s successful 800-million US dollar bond issue, which raised 300-million more than the initial target, there shouldn’t be any need to impose additional revenue measures.

Byles on Successful Bond Issue No1 14Jul14

Richard Byles, Co-chair of EPOC, speaking in New Kingston on Monday.